Mens Blue Stylish Leather Belt

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100% Genuine leather mens Blue belt.

Berreri men's leather belts are stylish and practical, that comes in a variety of styles, and have the versatility to suit your everyday or formal ensembles. If you think men's belts are just for keeping trousers up, think again.Brown or black, rugged or designer, a good leather belt makes a real statement and is any man's wardrobe essential.


1) Well made quality 100% leather belts for everyday use.

2) Available in black color.

3) 38mm width with 3.5mm thick leather

4)Silver color buckle

Cutting extra length of belt in just 4 easy steps:

1. Loosen the screw on the belt and pull the buckle out.

2. Measure waist size then cut off extra part.

3. Overlap the cut part on belt make hole by puncher.

4. Attach buckle and screw again. Your belt is ready.

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